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Dr.Jingkui Xu

Country Manager, Market Probe - China


Management Team

Ms. Jaelyn Ren

Ms. Catherine Quan


Market Probe China is a US - China based joint-venture company which is specialized in professional market research. MP China, headquartered in Beijing, provides total market research solution service to China mainland, China Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Japanand Korea.

The Company has more than 20 years of development history and has accumulated more than 400 market research studies. We provide full category market research services for both domestic and overseas clients based on our strong resources, including custom research,customer satisfaction and loyalty research and market intelligence. Our clients in China consist of the world top 500 and China top 500 enterprises, such as HP China, Solutia Inc., Samsung, Siemens China, Taiwan foxconn, PetroChina, China Mobile, China Telecom, Haier Group, Lenovo, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Research Center and China Telecom Corporation Limited.

Market Probe China maintains a close working relationship with the China Association for Science and Technology and maintains various research databases for customer and business sampli


Based on many years of market research experience and expertise, Market Probe China has developed the following core service departments:

● Custom Research

● Brand & Satisfaction

● Government Performance Assessment

● Mystery Shopping

● Big Data

● Media Community

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7th Floor Tower A Huizhi Plaza NO. 9 Xueqing Road Haidian District Beijing


Phone: +86.10.82737800

Fax: +86.10.82731200