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Mr. John Morton

President, Market Probe - Canada


Management Team

Mr. Tim McCutcheon

Mr. Robert Assels


Market Probe Canada (MPC) is a full-service custom marketing research, stakeholder management research, brand power and value and program evaluation provider.

MPC's stakeholder management practice includes customer satisfaction/loyalty, employee engagement/commitment research and brand power/value research.

MPC's custom marketing research group provides quantitative and qualitative applications across a variety of areas: concept development; product and program evaluation; usage and attitude tracking; segmentation; pricing/product assortment studies; corporate image/brand equity research.

MPC's program evaluation area has CES-trained evaluators that can provide a full range of program evaluations including Compliance with Standards, Process Evaluations and Outcome Evaluations. Our evaluators have experience in the health, education, housing and labour sectors.

MPC's practice includes clients in many industries: financial services, telecommunications, packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, and government services/utilities. MPC possesses significant experience in both B2B and B2C research. We provide data collection through CATI, Internet, IVR and face-to-face methods. We have trained program evaluators with security clearance for formative and summative evaluations.

MPC's consultants come from a variety of disciplines: statistics, IT, social sciences, economics and business. MPC is recognized for its advanced analytic capabilities, including: validity/reliability issues in instrument design, advanced multivariate techniques (e.g., regression, factor and discriminant analysis), multidimensional scaling, conjoint analysis and causal modeling. These skills, coupled with our expertise in application of qualitative methods, allow MPC to bring seamless continuity to studies with both qualitative and quantitative components.

MPC has experience working with audiences at all levels (operational and strategic) within organizations. Our objective is to provide creative solutions to business issues with pragmatic and actionable recommendations.


● Core Services Offered:

● Customer satisfaction/loyalty research and consulting

● Custom marketing research and consulting

● Program evaluation research and consulting

● Qualitative moderating and facilitation

● Other Services

● Advanced modeling techniques

● Automated reporting

● Data succession planning

● Dynamic Web reporting tools

● Customer retention/loyalty modeling

● Linking of research to business metrics

● Customer - business panel development and management

● Multi-lingual in-house data collection facilities (150 CATI stations plus Internet)

Locations and Contact Information

Toronto, Ontario

40 Eglinton Avenue East - Suite 300 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4P 3A2


Phone: +1.416.487.4144

Fax: +1.416.487.4213