Market Probe - Asia Pacific

Mr. Nehal Medh

Managing Director,Market Probe - Asia Pacific


Management Team

Ms. Mayuri Vir

Mr. S. Swaminathan

Ms. Iris Chan

Mr. Boon Wee Ong


Six years after the acquisition of Precision Research, Market Probe Asia-Pacific has completely integrated its operations into the global Market Probe family. Market Probe Asia Pacific provides the full suite of its global services in Asia-Pacific. While maintaining its local character and culture, Market Probe Asia-Pacific is particularly known for the high quality of service it provides its clients.

In Asia-Pacific, Market Probe has the advantage of a team of senior, experienced and well-respected professionals, who are trusted by Clients to provide them high level research and consulting. Its four senior executives have over 55 years of combined experience in the business and are supported by a team of 10 proactive research professionals.

Market Probe Asia-Pacific has an in-house fieldwork capability, and undertakes fieldwork for a wide array of clients. The field set-up includes a 10 station CATI call centre (currently being upgraded to 15 stations), which undertakes CATI fieldwork for Market Probe and other clients.


● Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

● Employee Equity

● Transactional Satisfaction

● Image/Brand

● Advertising Effectiveness

● Programme Evaluation studies

● Attitudinal

● Qualitative

● Custom, including

● Shopper's Surveys

● Traffic Count Studies

● Mystery Shopping

Locations and Contact Information


122 Middle Road #06-08 Midlink Plaza Singapore 188973


Phone: +65.6837.3691

Fax: +65.6837.3693