Market Probe - Europe

Mr. Dominique Vanmarsenille

Country Manager, Market Probe - Europe

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Management Team

Dr. Jean Calembert

Mr. Marcus Hallam

Mr. Guy Morre

Mr. Kris Smet


Our operations in Europe were set up in 1988 and developed from a local custom research agency to a European coordination centre with project management teams who manage global projects with our international offices.

We have extensive experience in coordinating research projects in three areas:

1. Business to Consumer: Custom Research

2. Business to Business: Custom Research

In servicing our clients and executing their expectations, we bring: in-depth market knowledge; consultative approaches to understanding your needs and business objectives; experienced project managers and delivery of actionable recommendations. We offer special expertise for sectors, such as financial services, business-to-business services, telecom, agricultural products and equipment and animal health.


● Stakeholder research:

● Brand research:

● Custom research and consulting

● We developed powerful and validated tools for:

● Researching satisfaction/loyalty, image, product optimization and price setting

● State-of-the-art statistical analyses and data-mining

● Automatic and Web-based reporting

We can bring our experiences from a global practice in these areas:

Research for crop sciences

Animal health research